Maaz Ahmed Khan

Founder & CEO

About Us

More Than Just An EV Startup.
An Edventure Park Company!

Torq Electric is designated to be the best EV converting workspace of all types of modern and conventional vehicles to a better future

Converting fuel-vehicles to Top-class Electric Vehicles with First-class features! We are on a mission to create a sustainable living with our automotive manufacturing. Creating a low-carbon society is something we envision, and we do not want to stop until we transform India - Electric, and Sleek!

Founder's Note

"Torq Electric is currently focused on converting existing 2 wheelers to electric. We are planning to move forward on doing the same for 3 and 4 wheelers too."
"We are also developing our own designed e-rickshaw aiming to launch it in the International Market soon."


What We Provide


Replace your engine and fuel tank with a Powerful Motor and Battery System. Your own vehicle Electrified! No more Fuel Costs Trouble.

From $615


Enhance your vehicle by adding a Motor and Battery System to the already existing engine. Flexibility of driving on both Electric Power and Fuel Engine.

From $675

EV Education

We have designed an Exclusive 3 month Electric Vehicles Course for EV enthusiasts and for the youth who are seeking to get jobs in the same industry.

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Projects on EV

For College Students we provide Internships with hands-on project building. Introducing to the EV world at Torq Workshop.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

Now Collab with Torq Electric as logistics partner for EV bike & auto delivery services and much more.
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You have a crazy idea and wanna convert into a revenue generating startup like Torq Electric!

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